Convocation President

The Convocation links the members of the convocation on a life-long basis to the university, to the ongoing mutual benefit of the university, its members and future members of the Convocation.

The Convocation’s major objective is to establish and further develop mutually beneficial relationships between the university and its alumni so as to promote the welfare of the university and future Convocation members.  Other objectives are:


To designate members to the council in accordance with paragraph 38 of the NWU statute;


To work closely with and give support to other university structures focusing on promoting professional, educational, social and other relationships between alumni and the university, and between groups of alumni among themselves;


To meet and discuss any matter within the sphere of competence of the university and transmit any resolution to the university governing authorities or the wider public;


To maintain a database of members in order to enhance communication and information dissemination between members and the University, and to form the voters’ roll for the election of council members.

 Updated: Irma van Niekerk on 4 November 2014