Policies and Rules

"All NWU policies in alphabetical order"



Welcome to the North-West University's Policies and Rules portal.

At the NWU, we believe that a strong foundation of policies and rules is essential to fostering an accountable, transparent and effective university community.

This portal will serve as information resource for staff members, students and members of the public and the university community to access and understand the policies and rules that govern our institution.

Here you will find all the policies of the NWU, classified into different categories. Our policies are carefully developed and reviewed regularly to uphold fairness, integrity, respect while ensuring that all individuals of the university community have the opportunity to excel and grow.

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of higher education, this portal will be updated to reflect the latest developments in university policies.


To view the policies of the NWU, please use the images on the left of this page to search for policies based on their classification.


We hope that this portal serves as a valuable tool to assist you to navigate the NWU policies and rules. We encourage the university community to explore these resources and engage with the NWU to maintain the highest standard of excellence in higher education.