Policies and Rules


The following protocol(s) has been approved by the University Management Committee:

1.  Planning events and inviting dignitaries and political parties to address NWU audiences

     - Application form to host an event or function on the premises, spaces or in buildings of the NWU


The following framework(s) has been approved by the  NWU Council:

NWU Information Strategy and Framework for Information Governance

Policies & Rules

The following policies have been approved by the NWU Council (listed by category):

Policies on Governance processes and provided for by legislation

Rules for the Appointment of Office Bearers

Rules for the Nomination, Election, Designation and Appointment of Council Members

Rules for the Institutional Forum

Policy and Rules for the Awarding of a Chancellor's Medal

Policy and Rules for the Awarding of Honorary Doctorates

Policy and Rules for Honorary Naming

Policy and Rules on Gatherings, Demonstrations and Picketing

Constitution of the Convocation of the NWU

Constitution of the Students' Representative Council of the NWU

Institutional Rules on Student Governance

Policy on Governance Oversight and Management Control

Intellectual Property Policy of the NWU

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Smoking Policy

Policy on Delegations, Assignments and Agency

Personal Information Privacy Policy

Policies on general management processes

Human Rights Policy


Global Engagement Policy

Policy and Rules on conflict of interest and on declaration of interest and of gifts

Language Policy

Quality Policy

Rules for Quality enhancement

Policy on the Generation and Approval of Rules, Policies and Procedures

Policy on Academic Integrity

Archives, Museums and Special Collections Policy

Library and Information Services Policy

Policy for Reporting Irregularities and Maladministration

Records Management Policy

Risk and Compliance Policy

NWU Policy on Business Continuity

Policies on human resources

Employee Relation Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Policy on staff assessments

Policy on non-standard employment

Policy on prevention and combatting of trafficking in persons

Remuneration Policy

Staff Learning and Development Policy

Policy on the Promotion of Academic Employees

Performance Management Policy

Organisational Development Policy

Employment Equity Policy

Policy on Employees Living with Disabilities

Primary Health Care Policy

Employee Wellness Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Gender-Based Violence Policy

Workplace Breastfeeding Policy

Policies on Finances

Financial Policy

Schedule of Authorisation Levels

Policies on Facilities

Infrastructure Management Policy

Information and Communication Technology, Networks and Information Resources (ICT) Policy

Policies on branding, marketing and communication

Alumni Relations Policy

Brand Policy

Communication Policy (communication, media, social media)

Development and Fundraising Policy

Policies on student administration and affairs

Admissions Policy

General Academic Rules

Policy on Students with Disabilities

Policy on Student Discipline

Policies on teaching-learning

Policy on Continuing Education

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy (to be read with the Rules for Teaching, Learning and Assessment)

Policy on Academic Integrity

Policies on research and innovation

Policy for the Management of Research and Innovation Contracts and External Investment/Stakeholding

Policy on Collaborative Degrees

Research Ethics Policy

Rules for the Awarding of the Institutional Research Excellence Awards (IREA)

Rules for the Classification of Thesis and Dissertations

Rules for the Innovation Awards for researcher/s and staff members at the NWU

Rules for the S2A3 bronze medal for students

Rules for the Vice-Chancellor medal for Masters students

Research and Innovation Policy

Research Infrastructure Policy

Higher Degrees Policy

Policy on Academic Integrity

Policy on the animal care and use programme

Intellectual Property Policy of the NWU

Policies on implementation of expertise

Community Engagement Policy


Ms Amanda van der Merwe                                                                                      
Director:  Corporate and Information Governance Services                               

Telephone:  018 299 4607                                                                                        
E-mail: Amanda van der Merwe