Relocation of the Leopard statue: Mahikeng Campus

In 2017, the University Management identified a need to have a public artwork that would be placed across the three campuses of the university to demonstrate the NWU's unitary model, shared purpose and value with the university's strategic intent. During the NWU Council meeting of 28 July 2020, it was approved that the Leopard Statue will be relocated to allow for a new artwork to be erected at the current place in front of the Great Hall. The Leopard and the accompanying structure has been moved to the open area near the Library on campus. Intense consultation preceded the proposal to Council.
During its meeting on 17 June 2021, Council resolved that a new process will commence to determine and develop a public artwork that can serve as a demonstration of the NWU's unitary model. Upon conclusion of this process in which the Council will be involved, such artwork will be erected on all three campuses.

Important information on submitting tests via Tests & Quizzes on eFundi

2 June 2021

Conditionally registered students: sit-down tests

13 April 2021

All conditionally registered students who are required to write sit-down tests from the 14th to the 15th of April, please send your student number and module details to the following email address:, before the end of the day.