Governance Structures - Senate

The Senate approves all academic programmes and academic-related work, including teaching-learning, research and innovation and implementation of expertise (incorporating community engagement programmes). Senate, being accountable to Council, also performs any other function assigned to it by Council.

The NWU Senate was constituted on 23 August 2017 in terms of the NWU Statute as gazetted on 24 March 2017.


Nomination of a member of the NWU Senate from the ranks of the permanent support employees in terms of paragraph 13(1)(i) of the Statute

The second term of Dr AA le Roux as member of the NWU Senate will come to an end on 3 October 2021 due to the effluxion of time.  Nominations are hereby invited for the election of a person from the ranks of the permanent1 support employees as member of the NWU Senate in terms of paragraph 13(1)(i) of the Statute and the Rules for the appointment of Senate members as approved by Senate on 23 August 2017. 

Written nominations on the form included herewith, seconded by at least two members of the permanent support employees, and signed by the nominee him-/herself, who is a permanent member of the support employees, must reach the office of the Registrar, Prof Marlene Verhoef, via upload to NextCloud on or before 4 October 2021 at 16:30.

Click here for the notice and a fillable PDF nomination form (you must download the document in order to complete the form).


 1  For purposes of participating in this election process, an eligible employee is a permanent employee (has no service end date other than retirement) and any other employee who has a contract of employment with the University for more than three months.  To be eligible for nomination in this election process, an employee must still have a contract of employment for 3 years or more, as the nominee must be able to serve a full term on Senate (this is linked to the terms on Senate that is three years).