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The Chancellor confers all degrees in the name of the North-West University (NWU). The Chancellor, Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi, was appointed as the second Chancellor of the NWU for a five year term by Council in June 2009.

Kgosi Molotlegi is the leader of Royal Bafokeng Nation. He is the 36th King of the Bafokeng and the 15th direct descendent of a long lineage of the Bafokeng kings.

The Bafokeng Nation owns 2000 km squared of land which is under-laden with the second largest known platinum deposit in the world.

Under the leadership of Kgosi Molotlegi, the Royal Bafokeng Supreme Council has embarked on a mission of providing the Bafokeng Community with all basic human needs, to provide continued promotion of respect and enhancement of Bafokeng culture and economic self-sufficiency. Based on this premise, the Royal Bafokeng, Supreme Council and Kgosi have a vision: “To develop themselves to be a self-sufficient community by the second decade of the 21st Century”. Vision 2020 also calls for diversification by moving away from a single resource dependent economy to a diversified knowledge economy.

Kgosi Leruo is a former member of the Implats board, the world’s second largest platinum producer; in which Bafokeng have significant interests. He is the Chairman of the Royal Bafokeng Holdings, established in line with Vision 2020, to diversify by investing in non-mining related assets. Kgosi Leruo was one of the principal negotiators in the new mining legislation, which seeks to encourage significant black participation. Kgosi sits on various ministerial advisory boards.

Kgosi has three siblings, two sisters and one brother, and is an alumnus of Hilton College in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. He holds a university degree in Architecture and Planning from Natal University. Kgosi is a keen sportsman and was awarded a Victor Ludorum Gold Medallion at Hilton. He is a fixed wing and rotorcraft pilot and has been appointed as an Honorary Colonel in the South African Air Force.


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