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Governance Structures:  Institutional Forum


The Institutional Forum (IF) fulfills an important advisory role in terms of the Higher Education Act and the NWU Statute. Specifically, this role is to advise Council on the implementation of the Higher Education Act and national higher education policy, the appointment of members of University Management and Senior Management, NWU policy on race and gender equity, codes of conduct, policy on mediation and dispute resolution, the management of cultural diversity and the promotion of an institutional culture based on tolerance and respect for basic human rights.

The IF comprises 29 members, representing the three campuses and is chaired by Dr Bertus le Roux.

Notice to all permanent support staff
of the North-West University

Invitation to permanent members of the support staff of the
North-West University to nominate and elect ONE Institutional Forum member in terms of paragraph 22(1)(f) of the NWU Statute

The first term of Mr Lourens Kruger has expired on 31 July 2018.

Permanent members of the support staff are hereby invited to nominate ONE member from the ranks of the permanent support staff of the University to be elected to serve on the Institutional Forum of the NWU.

Institutional Forum members in this category have to be permanent support staff members[1] in the normal sense of the word "permanent", i.e. appointed without any other end date than normal retirement, resignation or death.  For the same reasons those persons must be nominated and elected by permanent support staff members of the NWU.

Click here for the nomination form and rules for the nomination process.

Nominations must be received by 24 August 2018 at 13:00 at CIGS-elections@nwu.ac.za


[1] For purposes of participating in this election process, an eligible employee is a permanent employee (has no service end date other than retirement) and any other employee who has a contract of employment with the University for more than three months.  To be eligible for nomination in this election process, an employee must still have a contract of employment for 3 years or more, as the nominee must be able to serve a full term on the Institutional Forum