Senate Committees-NWU, Governance and Management

Governance Structures:  Senate


The following are Standing Committees of Senate :


The committees reporting to Senate are as follows:


Senate Committee for Research and Innovation (SCRI)
Senate Committee for Teaching and Learning (SCTL)
Senate Committee for Academic Standards (SCAS)
Senate Committee for Research Ethics (SCRE)
Admissions Requirements Committee
Appeals Committee
Faculty Board of the 8 Faculties


Faculty of Humanities

A nomination process commenced to fill the vacancies on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Humanities from the ranks of the permanent1 academic staff in terms of paragraph of the approved Terms of Reference of Faculty Boards (Senate, 23 August 2017 and Council on 21 September 2017).
In terms of paragraph of the Terms of Reference of the Faculty Boards the faculty board comprises of (amongst other categories)  “Academic employees elected by the academic employees with due account to the geographic representation of the faculty, the positions within the faculty as well as representation in terms of race, gender and disability”.


The following nominations were received (click on the name to access the CV).

Senior Lecturer (1 vacancy)  - 2 valid nominations received
Lecturer (1 vacancy) - 3 valid nominations received
Please vote electronically here
Closing date Friday 10 July 2020 at 12:00.


The following committees report to SCRI:
Institutional Research Support Commission
Higher Degrees Committee
Committee for the Classification of Theses and Dissertations

The following committees report to SCTL:
Committee for Foundation Education Provisioning at NWU
Committee for Academic Literacy and Academic Support
Unit for Continuing Education Executive Advisory Committee
Steering Committee for Teaching-Learning Related Projects (SCTLP)