Annual Performance Plan


Annual Performance Plan


The Annual Performance Plan was approved by Council on 16 March 2017.


This Annual Performance Plan (or APP for short) is the NWU's guiding plan for what it wants to do and where it wants to go, and by when.  While the overall strategic direction is determined by the long term strategy with five and ten year targets, the APP sets targets for the NWU for 2017 and as such will drive all our activities for this year.   In  terms of the Regulations for Reporting by Public Higher Education Institutions (2014), the APP will also form the basis for the Annual Report for 2017. 

The APP is derived from the strategic goals and objectives stated in the strategy of the NWU, and includes plans for meeting the strategic success factors identified by the NWU and contains key performance targets and indicators.




For enquiries regarding the Annual Performance Plan, please contact:

Chief Strategy Officer:  Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Mr Robert Kettles.
Institutional Registrar, Prof Marlene Verhoef


Amanda van der Merwe

Director:  Corporate and Information Governance Services