Tanya Robinson | Alumni


Dr Tanya Robinson is a phenomenal researcher who obtained three doctorates in social work before the age of 36. She has shown an intense passion for contributing to society through empirical results and for proving through research that a difference can be made, especially at a time when psychopathology is on the rise within society.

Her research centres on children’s rights and aims to give a voice to abused children. She concentrates on psychopathology, the best interest of children, exploring and understanding family pathology, forensic investigation, profiling of victims and perpetrators and understanding the criminal mind.

She obtained her second doctorate from the North-West University in 2011, preceded by a doctoral degree from Stellenbosch University in 2005 and followed by a doctorate from the University of Cape Town in 2015.

Robinson has 15 years of active involvement in clinical and forensic private practice and recently embarked upon a focused shift into academia to apply her knowledge and experience.

Her research has earned her national and international acclaim and she is often invited to speak at children’s rights conferences.

She has authored six books and various journal articles on a variety of topics that include divorce, sex, mental health and false allegations of child abuse in divorce proceedings. She co-authors and has compiled various chapters in a textbook.

Robinson is not only a researcher of note, she is also an academic achiever par excellence. She obtained her master’s degree (2003) and bachelor’s degree (2002) cum laude and received a merit award for excellent achievement in the fourth year in social work in 2001.

She is a member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association, the South African Association for Social Workers in Private Practice, South African Council for Social Service Professions and the Criminological and Victimology Society of Southern Africa, and serves on the board of Health Care Funders.

She is a proud ambassador of the Teddy Bear Clinic, a non-profit organisation that fights for the rights and protection of children.