NWU Alumni FAQ

Q: How do I become an alumnus of the NWU?

A: Don’t worry – no paperwork. Once you graduate from the NWU you will automatically be in our database as an alumnus.

Q: What does it cost to be an alumnus?

Q: It is free.

Q: I have moved, or my personal details have changed.

A: No problem at all, you can contact us to correct your details or do it online here

Q: Is it compulsory to be an alumnus?

A: No, but we really want you to have a bond with your alma mater, share opportunities with you, and help you grow in your career.

Q: What is in it for me?

A: Opportunities to keep in contact with your alma mater, nurture the bonds you formed here as a student, stay updated with the best research news in your field, have the chance to become a mentor, and to grow your career.

Q: I need a copy of my qualification or my degree appraised/confirmed.

A: You can get a copy from our SALA offices

Q: We want to have a reunion.

A: Great news, contact us to help you and assist you with the event.


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