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Women's Day 2020

As we commemorate Women’s Day, we salute women who have played and continue to play an important role in our families, our university, our communities and our country. We do so by taking stock of their achievements and the strides they have made in overcoming systemic barriers while continuing to flourish and inspire.

At the NWU, there are countless individual women – students, staff, alumni, council members, supporters and friends – who have made a tremendous and trailblazing impact across many disciplines. Their diversity is as vast and valuable as the sectors in which they serve, and we continue to look at them for inspiration and guidance. We also acknowledge and celebrate NWU women, including those in top management.

Given the current spate of gender-based violence perpetrated against women and girls in South Africa, today is also an opportunity for all of us to step to the fore and be counted as advocates and stewards of equality.  
Today, we raise our voices on behalf of all women. #NWUcares


Mandela Day 2020

Dear Members of the NWU community

Every year on 18 July people around the world get together to commemorate the legacy of Nelson Mandela. On this day, we are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing something positive for our communities in recognition of the 67 years that the late statesman spent fighting for justice, peace and a free, democratic country.

We at the North-West University believe in living every day as a Mandela Day through our unrelenting commitment towards social justice. This commitment allows us to address social concerns, give back, spark optimism and uplift humanity – be it by means of our innovative teaching and learning practices, our cutting-edge research or our impactful community engagement endeavours.

I believe that the year 2020 provides us with an opportunity unlike any other to truly embrace the Mandela Day idea that every individual has the power and ability to make a difference. This is also our calling as a unitary university. We passionately subscribe to the philosophy of active citizenship and openly pledge to continue to take action, inspire change and cultivate hope.

As we continue to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, the university has introduced various initiatives to not only assist the country in dealing with the spread of the virus, but also to empower our students and our communities during this difficult time. One such an initiative is our Covid-19 Response Fund. Through this initiative we aim to enable our students to continue with their academic activities in order to successfully complete the academic year. As we take hands with our stakeholders – staff, alumni, corporate partners, donors and all friends of the NWU – we aim to ensure that no student is left behind during a time in which higher education, both domestically and internationally, has been disrupted. We strive to demonstrate our ethic of care by introducing a range of interventions aimed at addressing specific challenges faced by our stakeholders. I am proud of our staff and students who are playing their part in helping communities to overcome the hardships brought about by the pandemic.

Other initiatives such as Covid-19-related research, projects to help ensure the safety of the university community, partnerships with industry and our continuous engagement with our various stakeholder groupings bear witness to the extraordinary dedication and resolve of our staff and students.

In view of this, I would like to thank all the leadership, staff, students, alumni and other members of the NWU community for truly embracing the Mandela Day ideals of servant leadership, compassion, respect, tolerance and resilience during these times. Let us continue to make education the most powerful tool in transforming our campuses, our country and our world.

#HelpOurStudentsSoar #NWUcares


Prof Dan Kgwadi

Vice-chancellor and Principal

Youth Day 2020

16 June 2020

Young people are often heralded as the leaders of tomorrow, yet in reality they are already leading important change today. As we observe Youth Day, it is important for all South Africans to take note of the important leadership role the youth play in navigating transformation and in preserving our democratic dispensation.

Forty-four years ago the youth of South Africa stepped to the fore to have their voices heard, and in doing so they changed the course of a nation. As such, 16 June will forever be a memorable day on the national calendar. As we think back on the events that unfolded on 16 June 1976, we take courage from the energy and idealism of our youth. It is after all through their insistent drive and uncompromising spirit that generations of young people continue to succeed in bringing about change in our country. The North-West University (NWU) is a proud partner of youth enablement, as we offer young people a platform from where they can grow and flourish. As an internationally recognised university in Africa, we prepare the youth for active citizenry through engaged scholarship, social responsiveness and an ethic of care.

While the world is grappling with the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is reassuring to note that young people are demonstrating their continued impact in their communities. In fact, they not only play an integral role in the search for sustainable solutions to the socio-economic challenges currently posed by the pandemic, but also in resourcefully piloting the challenges and opportunities of the post-Covid-19 world.

During this time, the NWU recommits itself to continue working alongside the youth and youth-based organisations to ensure the growth and sustainability of our country and the continent.

As we commemorate Youth Day, let us continue to champion the shared responsibility of impactful change and add our voices to the campaign for a better tomorrow. Let’s continue to triumph over adversity and choose to see challenges as opportunities. This will ensure a fresh perspective and generous opportunities for innovation and leadership.

Best regards
Prof Dan Kgwadi
Vice-Chancellor and Principal