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Governance Structures


The Council governs the university in terms of chapter 4 of the Act, the regulations and policies issued in terms of the Act, the Statute and the Rules, including, at a minimum, the adoption of purpose and value statements as well as strategic plans, determination of policy, making the Statute, the Rules, the processes, the delegations of authority, the monitoring of operational performance and management, and establishing committees and, together with the senate, joint committees, to ensure that the university achieves its purpose and values.

NOTICE:  Academic staff member to Council (paragraph 4(1)(d), NWU Statute)

Notice is hereby given in terms of paragraph 5.6 of the Rules for the Nomination, Election, Designation and Appointment of Council Members of the names of all persons who were validly nominated for a member of the Council of the North-West University from the ranks of the permanent academic staff (who is not a member of Senate) in terms of paragraph 4(1)(d) of the Statute.

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An electronic voting process will proceed on 21 February 2018.

Prof M Verhoef