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Governance Structures


The Council governs the university in terms of chapter 4 of the Act, the regulations and policies issued in terms of the Act, the Statute and the Rules, including, at a minimum, the adoption of purpose and value statements as well as strategic plans, determination of policy, making the Statute, the Rules, the processes, the delegations of authority, the monitoring of operational performance and management, and establishing committees and, together with the senate, joint committees, to ensure that the university achieves its purpose and values.

Notice to all permanent academic staff of the North-West University

Notice of election of a member of the Council of the North-West University from the ranks of the permanent[1] academic staff (who is not a member of Senate) in terms of paragraph 4(1)(d) of the Statute

The first term of Prof AL Stander as member of Council expires on 9 June 2018 and nominations were invited for the election of a person from the ranks of the permanent academic staff as member of the Council in terms of paragraph 4(1)(d) of the Statute and the enclosed rules as approved by Council on
24 April 2017 and available at .

Nine written nominations were received by the closing date for nominations on 18 May 2018 at 12:00 and the nominations were communicated to the academic staff on 22 May 2018.

The following valid nominations were received:
1. BLIGNAUT DR AJ (PC Nursing Undergraduate: Senior Lecturer)  Curriculum vitae
2. DU PLESSIS PROF W (PC Law; Justice and Sustainability: Professor)  Curriculum vitae
3. MATHUTHU PROF M (MC Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology: Professor) Curriculum vitae
4. MUKWEVHO PROF EE (MC Biochemistry: Professor)  Curriculum vitae
5. RENA PROF R (MC School of Business and Governance: Professor)  Curriculum vitae
6. TSHIDZUMBA DR NA (MC School of Communication Studies: Senior Lecturer)  Curriculum vitae
7. VAN DER WALT PROF IJ (NWU NatAgric Sciences: Research & Innovation: Professor)  Curriculum vitae
8. VAN EEDEN PROF ES (VC History: Professor)  Curriculum vitae
9. VAN ZYL MR. AP (PC School of Accounting Sciences: Senior Lecturer)  Curriculum vitae

An election is open and will close on 5 June 2018 at 12:00.  Click HERE to vote.  You will be rerouted to the NWU electronic voting platform.