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About Us

The Convocation consists of former students (alumni) who have obtained a degree or diploma from the NWU or its predecessors, as well as all current members of the University’s permanent staff.

Membership can only be obtained through a formal application and payment of the prescribed fee of R50 for lifelong membership.  It is a statutory body of the NWU, meaning it is recognised in the University’s statute as part of the formal governance framework.

The purpose of the Convocation is to promote the well-being of the NWU by safeguarding its image, traditions and interests and by serving as a bridge between members of the Convocation and the University. The Convocation is represented on the University Council and also works closely with other structures such as the Alumni Association that promotes interaction between the University and its alumni.

Please click here to read the section of the NWU Statute that refers to the Convocation.



Members of the Convocation were invited to nominate candidates for the filling of two positions of members of Council of the NWU from the ranks of the Convocation in accordance with paragraph 4(1)(i) of the NWU Statute.  The first term of a NWU Council member, Adv Dr TJ Kruger SC, previously elected from the ranks of the Convocation in 2014, expired on 27 March 2017 and Adv TJ Kruger, previously elected from the ranks of the Convocation on 18 December 2014 resigned from Council on 22 September 2016. 

In terms of a notice of nomination and election of a member of the Convocation to the NWU Council, the call for nominations began on 10 March 2017 and closed at 12:00 on 21 April 2017. 

It is a pleasure to inform you in accordance with Paragraph 5(4) of the Statute, and the Rules for the Nomination, Election and Appointment of Council Members, the following three valid nominations have been received (in alphabetical order) and the election is now open:

BRITS, K Ms                             Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

HUMAN, WG Mr                      Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

SORGDRAGER, AM Mr          Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Click on VOTE and follow the instructions.  You will be rerouted to a voting site.

Voting will remain open until 17:00, on Tuesday, 30 May 2017.

PLEASE NOTE:  two vacancies exist, but you only vote for ONE CANDIDATE.  The two candidates with the most votes are elected to fill the vacancies, since the two positions come from the same ranks.


Yours sincerely


Prof Marlene Verhoef