Constitution, Convocation



As a formal structure of the NWU, the Convocation is governed through clearly defined rules and procedures as set out in the NWU Statute.

According to the Statute, the Convocation comprises all graduates and diplomats of the University or its predecessors, namely the University of the North West and the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, which merged in January 2004 to form the NWU.

The Statute confers certain rights and responsibilities on members of the Convocation. Every member has the right to be nominated to represent the Convocation on the University Council and to vote for its members on Council.

Members also vote for the Convocation President and for the Executive Committee (Exco). The Exco manages the process of electing the Convocation’s representatives on the Council, administers the Convocation and works closely with management on various matters.

Revising of the Constitution of the NWU Convocation

Notice is hereby given that the revised version of the Constitution of the NWU Convocation will serve at the triennial general meeting of the Convocation that will be held on 10 March 2018. 
Please follow the link for more information:  Notice and Revised version of the Constitution of the NWU Convocation.