Executive Education: Non-formal programmes

Executive Education describes various non-formal programmes for working professionals with practical content that impact their professional and personal development.

Executive Programs are targeted toward managers and executives from middle- to upper-management levels and entry-level managers. 

Executive programs are characterised as generic management programs with no separation by industry and are designed to survey various management and leadership topics and current issues.

Executive Education

Fundamental Management

This programme will empower emerging managers with a solid foundation of business skills and knowledge to fully develop their intellectual capability, and ultimately add significant value to the organisation and to qualify for a further promotion. 

Middle Management

The objective of the Middle Management Programme is to provide sound academic and professional training to equip middle managers with skills to create additional value for companies and South Africa. Participants will not only be trained in their field of specialisation but will also be subjected to a broad field of functional management. Functional coordination or integration is emphasised in this programme.

Advanced Short Learning Programme on Management Strategy

The Advanced short learning programme, also known popularly as the NWU Advanced Management Programme offered for many years at the NWU-Business School. The NWU-Business School has special expertise in the field of Management. There is a great need for sound academic and professional training to top- and middle managers in South Africa that not only provides training in the field of specialisation but also in the broad field of functional management.

Project Management

Project Management

After studying this module, participants should be able to understand the nature of projects, project management as well as project lifecycles and phases. Participants will learn to understand human resource and communications management and the importance of quality management, project time planning and cost management. This course also takes a look at risk management, project procurement and contract management.

Advanced Project Management

Participants will understand project management – this includes the ability to perform project planning, manage the scope of a project, compile a project budget and apply project planning tools and techniques such as PERT, CPM and Gantt charts. They will have the knowledge to explore organisational structures in support of projects with specific reference to a managing-by-project approach, project support offices, steering committees and project sponsors/directors.


Forensic Short Courses

Forensic Short Courses

These short courses aim to equip learners with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in the prevention and combating of commercial crime. These courses are presented on a distance basis over a period of six months each. No registration fees are required and all study material will be included. Please note that these short courses are not degree qualifications.

Programmes presented by thinking fusion AFRICA

Leadership in the connection economy

This programme, with an exclusive leadership focus, is unique in design and implementation. It equips leaders to lead, think and behave differently in order to make a profound difference in their teams and in their organisations.

Women who lead

The programme equips women leaders to find their voice, be brave, remain real and have significance. They will lead, think and behave differently to have a profound impact in their teams and organisations.


This flagship programme develops the leadership capacity of senior leaders individually and as a team. It has a strong strategic focus and a pace that suits the profile of the senior leaders.


Essential Leadership Insight programme

An intensive leadership programme that builds confidence in participants at a personal and leadership level. Designed to give leaders the core leadership knowledge and self-knowledge to commit to focused personal and leadership skill development.

Self-leadership programme

This programme has an exclusive self-leadership focus and a design that deepens self-discovery and self-mastery. It takes participants through an intense personal experience that leads to redefining themselves at work and in their personal lives supported by clear development plans.

Leadership Academy for Agriculture

This programme has an exclusive leadership focus, is unique in design and implementation. It equips leaders to lead, think and behave differently to make a profound difference in their teams and in their organisations. The programme is challenging, sophisticated and has an extensive developmental experience at a full professional level in respect of leadership theory and practice. It culminates in a presentation made to the senior management on a project based on systems thinking.

Leadership Academy for Mining

The Leadership Academy for Mining is an initiative of the NWU Business School and offers leadership programmes in collaboration with thinking fusion AFRICA. These are in-house as well as public programmes with a special focus on the development of women in mining.

Other Short Learning Programmes (SLP)