Masters of Business Administration

An MBA qualification is regarded as the flagship of business training worldwide. We provide our students with the tools to succeed in the business environment and become professional thought leaders who excel in management. Our MBA is accredited by the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) in South Africa, internationally by AMBA in London (UK) as well as AABS in Africa.

Our MBA degree combines theory and practice to fully develop the strategic leadership potential of managers participating in our programme.

Why should I enrol for an MBA?

There are several reasons why a professional may decide to study towards an MBA qualification, some of the reasons listed by our alumni include:

  • CAREER ADVANCEMENT: An MBA qualification can provide professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance their management careers. It can equip them with a broader business perspective, enhance their leadership abilities, and improve their communication & problem-solving skills.
  • INCREASED EARNING POTENTIAL: An MBA qualification can also increase earning potential for some professionals. According to research, MBA graduates tend to earn more than those with only a bachelor’s degree.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL OPPORTUNITIES: Our MBA qualification can prepare you to start your own business or take on entrepreneurial roles within your organisation. It can provide you with the skills and knowledge to identify opportunities, manage risks, and create successful ventures.
  • NETWORK EXPANSION: An MBA qualification can also expand your professional network with likeminded professionals. By connecting with fellow students, alumni, and industry leaders, we aim to providing students with valuable networking opportunities.
  • INTERNATIONAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: An MBA qualification from an internationally accredited business school can also open international career opportunities for individuals. It can provide them with a globally recognized qualification that can help them stand out in a competitive job market.

Overall, an MBA qualification can equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to advance your career, increase your earning potential, pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, and explore international career opportunities.


This is a two-year qualification presented at NQF level 9 and can be completed in a maximum duration of three years. We follow a blended methodology that includes both synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning activities. Study Schools and Workshops are presented in person at suitable venues close to our campuses in North-West and Gauteng. This is complemented by synchronous remote sessions that you can join from your laptop or tablet from the comfort of your office or home.

The professional MBA programme consists of 210 SAQA credits, and will require 2100 hours over two years to complete but relies heavily on self-directed learning from the individual hence, for every 1 hour spent in class, the individual will need to spend about 4 hours on related activities, which include reading, group work and assignments.

Minimum Requirements

As required by the Council for Higher Education (CHE), applicants should at least hold one of the following academic requirements to be considered for the MBA programme:

  • A 4-year Bachelor’s degree (NQF level 8), OR
  • Honours/Postgraduate degree (NQF level 8), OR
  • A 3-year Bachelor’s degree (NQF level 7) plus a postgraduate diploma (NQF level 8).

In addition to the academic requirement, applicants should also have a minimum of 3 years' relevant managerial experience. Students who do not meet the academic qualification criteria above, but can demonstrate significant managerial experience, may apply to be considered to the MBA programme via the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process of the university. In line with the requirements of the CHE, the university may admit up to 10% of its student body under RPL. Candidates who wish to be admitted through the RPL process will have to submit all the same documentation and tests as required for all prospective students. In addition, they should provide a portfolio of evidence that meet the requirements of the university. Notwithstanding the above minimum requirements, the university reserves the right of admission to the MBA programme after taking its operational and capacity (including financial aspects) requirements, quality assurances, teaching and learning policies, as well as any other matters that may influence admission into account.


To receive a quote, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the payable fees link
  2. Choose “Get a quotation on class fees”
  3. If you are a current student choose yes and log in with your student number.  If you do not have a student number, choose No
  4. Select the year in which you want to study
  5. Click on search
  6. Select your campus
  7. Leave the qualification description empty.  Qualification:  For the first year = 5BEQ011, for the second year = 5BEQ012.
  8. Click on OK
  9. Click on Select and Next

Important Dates

Please note that only online applications will be accepted.

Follow this link to apply

Applications close on 31 October 2024 for 2025.


MBA Modules


Application Process

Before your start

On the online application system, you will be required to upload several documents in addition to completing the online form. Hence, ensure that you have the following on hand:

  1. A comprehensive CV,
  2. An essay that showcase the following: your motivation for pursuing an MBA and your work experience,
  3. Electronic copy of your ID document,
  4. Electronic copy of your Academic record,
  5. Electronic copy of your degree certificate(s).

Step 1

Browse to the following link to complete an application form and submit your documents. Should you require more detailed instructions on how to apply, please visit this website link.



Step 2
Applicants will be notified regarding their application status after the initial screening. Applicants who pass the screening phase will be contacted with relevant details to complete the required selection test.

Step 3
If a candidate achieves the threshold result in the TTS/GMAT test, they will be invited for an interview with a panel, who will make a final decision regarding the admission status of the candidate.

Important information

Please note that the selection panel can only process complete application packs where all the relevant support material was included and interviews can only take place once the selection test was written. The outcome of the selection process will be communicated within 30 days of the interview.

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