PhD in Economic and Management Sciences with Business Administration

PhD in Business Management

The PhD programme of the NWU Business School is a research-based doctoral degree offered at NQF Level 10. As the African continent, today is presenting itself as a new business frontier with enormous potential for business opportunities and growth albeit its unique challenges to business leadership,  political risks, and infrastructure difficulties, it is critical for Business Schools across the continent to continually develop curricula that embody new ways of thinking and approaches that are unique to the development of African Scholars and relevant to the context given the diversity that exists in the continent.


Our PhD in Economic and Management Sciences with Business Administration programme follows a four-phase approach:

(a) a pre-doctoral workshop for conditional acceptance to the programme,

(b) a full proposal colloquium for unconditional admission into the programme,

(c) a methodology presentation colloquium, and

(d) results and findings colloquium and final thesis submission.


Minimum Requirements

  • The research ability of the student must be to the satisfaction of the school director/scientific committee members and the director of the research area/unit.
  • Students whose abilities in research methods are deemed not to be adequate by the school director/scientific committee members and research director will only be accepted into a PhD programme after successfully completing the Faculty’s short course in research methodology.
  • The PhD in Economic and Management Sciences with Business Administration is a part-time programme and students are registered on a part-time basis after they have successfully defended their full research proposal in a colloquium and accepted by the Business School/Faculty
  • A student must have a SAQA approved master’s/MBA degree or the status of a relevant and applicable master’s degree as approved by the Faculty’s board and senate at NQF Level 9.
  • The study field must be approved by the relevant school director and research unit director.
  • A student must have passed the research component (Research module) with a minimum of 65% and the Mini Dissertation with a minimum of 65% of the above-mentioned master' degree.
  • In case the candidate did a master’s by dissertation only, the final mark of the overall degree average must be above 65%.
  • The final number of conditional accepted applicants into our PhD programme for an academic year is influenced and guided by the number of PhD students who graduated in the previous year (e.g. if 10 graduated in 2020, then only 10 will be conditionally accepted for the 2021 academic year).


Estimated fees and are subject to change when finalised for 2024.

For any enquiries, please email Christine Bronkhorst

Important Dates

Applications for 2024 closes on 31 January 2024

Research Clusters

The NWU Business School consist of THREE  scientific committees. This forms the basis for focused research as well as integrated research. By doing this, we provide practical solutions with scientific contributions to the broader field of management.

General Management (GM) Scientific Committee is chaired by Prof Ronnie Lotriet

People Management (PM) Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr Ntseliseng Khumalo

Corporate Governance, Technology, Economics and Finances (CTEF) Scientific Committee is chaired by Prof Wedzerai Musvoto

    Application Process

    In order to apply for admission, a prospective student needs to complete an online application and submit all the required supporting documents as indicated in the Guidelines for applicants, namely a CV, a motivational letter, application fee, as well as certified copies of ID document, academic records and related certificates, also the Business School expect a PROPOSAL to be uploaded. Applications are only accepted in electronic format. Please ensure that all your documents are already in electronic format when you apply online to submit them electronically.

    How to apply

    Apply here




    Support staff

    Research Chair: Prof Joseph Lekunze

    Research Manager: Christine Bronkhorst

    Research Administrators:

    Tebogo Tebejane

    +27 18 299 4130

    Sophy Mogorosi

    +27 18 389 2827

    Christie Munro

    +27 18 285 2500