Be Greater Than …

Greatness is not just reserved for a chosen few. And it doesn’t always take the podium or standing ovation moments to remind you that you are great.
Greatness is for those who look at themselves and ask: “Am I who I aspire to be? Am I where I want to be in life? Am I on the right path?”

It is for those who keep going when the going gets tough and work to find solutions instead of staring at the problem. It is for you – who wherever you can, try and outdo your previous efforts. Who sees the you that is possible and shows up daily for every opportunity to become a better you: A greater you than yesterday.

With the North-West University, you have the potential to be greater … Here you obtain more than a degree, you also get a life experience to enable you to exceed your expectations and soar.

The average NWU degree takes between three and four years to complete. Three years = 1095 days, four years = 1 460 days. The NWU gives you 1095 – 1 460 opportunities to be greater.

Show up for every opportunity and let’s push the boundaries of your greatness together.



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The greater than sign encourages you to keep moving forward. Every day, every moment has the capacity for growth and progress. To reach your goal, you don’t always have to take giant leaps, but rather take it step by step to complete your journey. 


Staff quotes

“The NWU helped me dream bigger than I could, the opportunities it provides are beyond my wildest dreams. I now have the urge to be more and have the confidence that my dreams are possible because of the NWU. Because of this I know that I am greater than I was before.” – Tshepiso Mokalake, Junior Digital Marketer


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