The Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation

Prof Jeffrey Mphahlele
Jeffrey Mphahlele

The Research Integrity Officer RIO in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Innovation

Prof Minrie Greeff
Minrie Greeff

The Standing Research Integrity Committee (SRIC):

A SRIC consists of the following members:

In the case of plagiarism an independent consulting attorney in the legal office may be added.

In cases of fabrication or falsification the following independent ad hoc members are included:

  • Consulting attorney in the legal office.
  • Two subject experts appropriate to the case at hand.

Empanelled Research Integrity Committee (ERIC):

For research non-compliance and/or violation of good research practice, as well as continuous research non-compliance and/or violation of good research practice:
A committee specifically empanelled and chaired by the applicable dean for a formal intra-faculty research integrity assessment of an alleged breach in RCR that is not intended for escalation to the Registrar or the Student Judicial Office. The composition varies in each case and is made up of the Standing Research Integrity Committee (SRIC) and specific ad hoc members that will differ according to each new case at hand.
Standing Research Integrity Committee (SRIC)
Ad Hoc Members:

  • Research Director (RD) (unit in which the alleged resides)
  • School Director (SD) (school in which the alleged resides)
  • An Independent person (expert in the required research integrity issue at hand)