The transition to university, Parents

An important factor of academic performance at university level is well-developed skills in learning, reading and academic literacy, along with life skills. To help newcomers start out on a firm footing, the NWU requires all first-year students to enrol for a compulsory academic literacy module. This compulsory module is invaluable as it assists students to overcome any existing skills gaps and also prepares them for the future. This is because the NWU is also introducing compulsory modules that aim to assist second- and third-year students to understand the world as a set of related systems.

On a more general note, the NWU contributes to a smooth transition for first-year students through an orientation programme covering all aspects of university and campus life. Held at the start of the academic year, orientation is the same for all first-year students on all three campuses. We would like to emphasise that the NWU provides a constructive, ethical orientation experience in which the rights and dignity of participants are respected at all times. This is part of the NWU’s broader commitment to creating a culture of tolerance, integrity, accountability and mutual respect across the university.