Information for Parents

Thank you for entrusting the higher education of your son or daughter to the NWU. Your choice of university is a wise one, as you will note when following his or her progress in the years ahead. The reason is that the NWU has a well-deserved reputation for producing well-rounded graduates who are ready to embark on successful careers, contribute to society and lead balanced, purposeful lives.

We see the parents of our students as important partners in helping students make a smooth transition from school to university, as well as to make the most of the many learning opportunities we offer.


Payment of outstanding study fees and registration in 2016

In light of the national developments around fees at universities in 2015, the NWU would like to inform you about arrangements for student registration in 2016.


1. Students with bursaries
Students who have been granted bursaries (other than NSFAS bursaries) must submit written proof of the bursary during registration. Where an outstanding balance is payable for the previous year, students will be allowed to register if the bursary providers have undertaken in writing to pay for the outstanding amount as well.


2. Students with bank loans and Eduloan
Written proof of the student loans must be submitted during registration. Students will also be allowed to register in cases where an outstanding balance is payable for the previous year and the loan makes provision to pay for that.
Several financial institutions, including Absa, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank, will be present on campus to assist students during the registration period.
This is not a guarantee that all students will automatically receive loans. In order to qualify for loans, applicants must meet the lenders’ requirements.


3. Realpay instalment option for students
The Realpay instalment option will be available as an alternative method to pay the fees by means of a signed debit order over a period of time. Please note that terms and conditions are applicable.


4. Individual student cases
Individual student cases will be considered on merit. The assessment will include consideration of the academic performance of the student and cases where a few modules are still outstanding for completion of a qualification.
When a student qualifies for a merit bursary for an amount that will cover at least the first payment, that student will be allowed to register.
Management, together with the campus student representative councils (CSRCs), will consider each case on merit, taking into account the availability of funds. The aim is to enable as many academically deserving and financially needy students as possible to register in 2016.

To this end there will be formal structures, such as the newly established registration committee, on each of the NWU’s three campuses (on which the CSRC will also be represented) to decide about individual cases. Only students who have not been able to register will be referred to these structures. Strict criteria will be used to determine if - in individual cases - the students will be able to register.


5. NSFAS students

A list concerning the registration of NSFAS students will be made available prior to registration - not during registration.


6. Outstanding fees

The NWU makes a serious appeal to parents and students to make urgent arrangements for the payment of all outstanding fees. This is to ensure that students can continue their studies and receive their degrees at completion.

It will not be possible for all students to register, notwithstanding all the resources and processes mentioned above. Students who go through the whole process without finding solutions may still not be able to register, despite best effort to resolve their issues.


7. Average fees for 2016
The average fees for individual degrees in 2016, based on the 0% increase announced by the President, are BA -R30 528, BCom - R33 803; BEng - R46 229, B Nursing – R31 043, BPharm – R35 336, BSC – R33 361 and LLB/BA Law - R32 729, depending on specific modules.

For any further enquiries, please contact Financial Administration on your respective campus.

The North-West University wishes all our parents and students a wonderful festive season and prosperous 2016.