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The long way that Wapad has come did cross the Drakensberg, but started out on 12 April 1946, when the first edition was published under the direction of the first editor, C (Chris) Hattingh.
In the beginning, Wapad had a very serious touch and through the years it was transformed as it moved through the hands of the different editors. Wapad currently focuses on student news of current interest and also covers events affecting students on a personal, academic and social level. The paper is published every second Wednesday and currently has a circulation of 5 000.

It is safe to say that Wapad is one of the leading student newspapers in the country and recently a campaign was started in which Wapad liaises with newspapers on other campuses so that we are kept on our toes and strive to produce the best possible publication.

67 years later Wapad is still produced by students for students. That is why it finds so much favour with its readers. Wapad has produced several major names in journalism through the years and therefore also serves as a training school for young, emerging journalists. Wapad is more than an extramural activity for most of the members of the editorial staff and thus each of them becomes part of the Wapad family in their own way. In spite of other competition that appeared on campus a while ago, Wapad is still the favourite of the PUK campus.

A change in the Wapad hierarchy occurred in the past year, in that a fourth executive position was added, namely Public Relations and Administrative Manager. This is another attempt by Wapad to ensure that its content is newsworthy, relevant and accurate.
Wapad promises to reach even greater heights by stepping into unknown territory in order to contribute to the progress of the newspaper itself.

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