Documents to be in order prior registration - International students

Requirements/steps/services rendered by the global engagement office staff members, of documents to be submitted and collected for staff members, and international students to take note of the process followed for any future communication.

Request for documents to be submitted electronically prior to your arrival as an international student Registration and Re-registration
Please take note of the content of this notification and information circulated.

1.    Prior to arrival and departure from your home country – Incoming/returning students

Prior to your departure from your home country to the RSA ensure that all your documents are collected to be made available on arrival.

Please ensure that records are submitted as mentioned on the checklist electronically.

  • A Checklist
  • Color scanned copy of your passport
  • Color scanned copy of your visa
  • A15 – please request the forms from the Global Engagement office
    • Entering at a port of entry as published in the Immigration Act. Ensure that your passport is stamped at the port of entry and that the dates are correct.

2.    First year registration

Prior or upon arrival – E-mail all the requested records in 1 collective mail to the assigned and designated staff member at the Global Engagement office before your departure.

  • A   Checklist
  • A15 3 Forms

Students need to submit the following:

  • Colour-scanned copy of passport
  • Colour-scanned copy of visa
  • Proof of SA Medical Insurance
  • Proof of vaccinations for MMR and Meningitis
  • If applicable: Yellow fever if you are from a country that is known for Yellow fever or any student that has recently visited a country that is known for Yellow fever

All documents, if scanned, need to be sent in one collective e-mail as the complete records are printed at a network printer, collected, captured on Access

  • MMR and Meningitis is applicable for each student registering at the NWU and not only applicable to international students but also SA Citizens
  • MMR is for life – need to be an updated inoculation as an adult
  • Meningitis needs to be repeated every 5 years – applicable to each student that will be enrolled at the NWU and would be applicable to open distance learning students who are residing in the RSA


Annually each year

  • A1 Registration and Re-registration
  • A19
  • A Checklist
  • A15 3 Forms
  • A20 NWU

4.    PRP Holders

  • Non SA Citizen (Only permitted to reside in the RSA) - Need to submit the same records as any international student who will be entering the RSA at a port of entry on a valid visa. A Permanent residence permit, permits you to reside in the RSA and your are not a SA Citizen.
  • A Checklist
  • A1    Registration and Re-registration
  • A15  3 Forms
  • A19  PRP  Permanent Residence Permit holders
  • A20  Requirements of documents to be submitted

5.    Arrival at Potchefstroom Campus

  • Need to visit the financial office so ensure that financial obligations are met and your student account to be opened – Building F1
  • Please report at building E11, International Office, Global Engagement office, Hoffman Street – Grey building close to the main gate
  • Need to report to the Global Engagement office before you will be able to be register
  • Only original records to be submitted!
  • Ensure that the following is submitted in person:

If submitted by a parent or relative ensure that the documents are signed and it would include the A15 – Data sheet, DHA 40-49 form and the Occupational Health Care form. All these forms are available electronically and can be requested from the Global Engagement office.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Proof of vaccinations MMR and Meningitis
  • Covid 19 certificate
  • Any documents that you have sent electronically to the Global Engagement office prior to your departure from your home country



All A-forms can be requeste from the Global Engagement office

Potchefstroom Campus

Annelishé van der Spoel

Postgraduate students

0027 18 2992919


Aobakwe Morubane

Undergraduate students, Honours and Diplomas


Mahikeng Campus

Peter Monyelo

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students


Vanderbijlpark Campus

Jenny van der Walt

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students