NWU honours excellence

NWU honours excellence – Alumni Awards of Excellence

The NWU is justifiably proud of its alumni and recognises them for their personal and career accomplishments, and for their exemplary contributions to society.

For many years now, alumni from the NWU have made their mark – not only in South Africa but in the rest of the world. The NWU is privileged to boast such a distinguished stakeholder group. NWU alumni excel in all areas – from teaching-learning, research and community engagement to the sports field.

The achievements of our alumni are just one of the ways in which we showcase the excellence of the NWU. The alumni awards are a biennial event that will be hosted again in 2019.

In order to acknowledge the achievements of our alumni over a broader spectrum, the following categories are represented:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Community involvement
  • Business leadership
  • Arts and culture
  • Sport
  • Public service
  • Young alumnus

The exco of the convocation may choose to award a lifetime achievement award to an exceptional alumnus. This award will only be made on rare occasions where the candidate(s) has truly demonstrated exceptional and meritorious service to the University and society.

A total of nine awards may thus be made.

Alumni awards

To qualify for an alumni award, alumni must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have obtained a degree or a diploma from the NWU or one of its predecessors.
  • They must have achieved distinguished personal and career accomplishments.
  • They must have made exemplary contributions to society.
  • They must have shown significant leadership in the above-mentioned areas.
  • They must demonstrate ongoing commitment to the NWU.

Young alumnus award

This will be awarded in recognition of professional excellence displayed by a young (35 years or younger) alumnus in any of the seven categories of excellence:

To qualify for a NWU young alumnus award, the alumnus must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have obtained a degree or a diploma from the NWU.
  • They must have excelled early in life and shown potential for continued success.
  • They must have received recognition as an emerging leader through professional and/or community achievements.
  • They must have attained increasingly responsible positions within their organisation, business or field of work.
  • They must have received recognition for significant professional contributions, discoveries or creative work through honours, awards and/or media attention.
  • They must have served as an outstanding young role model for current and future NWU students.
  • They must be 35 years old or younger.

Enquiries about the nomination process can be addressed to Ms Nicolize van der Walt at the Alumni Relations Office at 018 285 2594 or Nicolize.VanDerWalt@nwu.ac.za.