NWU honours excellence

NWU salutes prestigious alumni 

The NWU is proud of its alumni and has again decided to publicly recognise them for their personal and career achievements and for exemplary contributions to society. 
2019 is the sixth year that the coveted NWU Alumni Awards are being presented to NWU alumni who have made their mark — not only in South Africa but also internationally. 

For 2019 the NWU Alumni Awards are made in eight categories, namely: arts and culture, business leadership, community involvement (two recipients), education, public service, research, sport, and the Young Alumnus Award. 

The achievements of our alumni are just one of the ways of showcasing the excellence of the NWU. We are privileged to boast such a distinguished stakeholder group. 

We are continually looking for new ways of defining the future, as we want you, our alumni, to be as proud to be part of the NWU as we are to have you as one of our valued stakeholder groups. 

Our 2019 NWU Alumni Awards recipients are: