NWU honours excellence

NWU honours excellence – Alumni Awards of Excellence

The NWU is justifiably proud of its alumni and recognises them for their personal and career accomplishments and for exemplary contributions to society.

For many years now, alumni from the NWU have made their mark – not only in South Africa, but also internationally. The NWU is privileged to boast such a distinguished stakeholder group. NWU alumni excel in all areas – from teaching-learning, research and community engagement to the sports field.

The achievements of our alumni are just one of the ways of showcasing the excellence of the NWU. We are continually looking for new ways of defining the future as we want you to be as proud to be a part of the NWU as we are to have you as one of our stakeholders.

At the beginning of 2015 the categories in which alumni can be awarded changed, and currently the awards will be:

  • NWU Lifetime Achievement Award – for longstanding and exceptional contribution in a particular field of interest that benefits society and that enjoys national/international recognition.
  • NWU Alumni Awards of Excellence in the 6 categories of Education, Research, Community Involvement, Business Leadership, Arts & Culture, and Sport.
  • Young NWU Alumnus Award – in recognition of professional excellence displayed by a young (35 years or younger) alumnus in any of the 6 categories of excellence.