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University of Antwerp Specialized Master's Degree 

The Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) of the University of Antwerp offers three full time  one-year Master's programmes.

Call for papers
Competition policy and enforcement in BRICS countries

9th Annual Conference on Competition Law, Economics and Policy, 11 November 2015, Durban




Events and Conferences

BRICS University President Forum

Beijing Normal University(BNU), is pleased to host the Brics University President Forum, which aims to bring together university presidents and senior scholars from BRICS countries.

7th BRICS Students Meet and ABBS Conference

Invitation to the 7th BRICS Students Meet and ABBS Conference: 

"Risks and Threats to the BRICS economies"

South African Universities to participate in the BRICS University Network

15 -16 September Moscow, Russia

The Stated objective of the Network is to facilitate sustainable development of the BRICS countries through the creation and dissemination of knowledge and skills through joint research activities in natural, social sciences and engineering. Contact us for more information.

4th BRICS International Competition Conference 

10-13 November 2015, Durban

The BRICS International Competition Conference takes place every two years and is hosted by Competition Authorities in BRICS countries.