Women's month 2019


Kesolofetse Olivia Lefanya
Kesolofetse Olivia Lefanya plies her trade as senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law. “I am able to interact with different people every day, I am able to share ideas, impart knowledge to the less privileged, learn new things from everyone and instil discipline and authority.” This is what Kesolofetse says she enjoys the most about her job. She also feels that her most valuable contribution to the NWU is the shaping of well-rounded graduates at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. For her, Women’s Month means to: “… celebrate women in all facets of life, to be proud of being a woman, to acknowledge all the women in the world and to pray for all women as the struggle continues”. One of her future visions of South Africa is: “That it will be a better country to live in and to raise our children in”.

Luzelle van Rensburg

Luzelle van Rensburg is the personal assistant to the Chief Director: Centre for Teaching and Learning and was born and raised in Potchefstroom. “What I most enjoy about my position at the NWU is the opportunity to make a difference. To see the changes of which I am a part bettering other people’s lives. I feel my most valuable contribution to the NWU is that I can make an individual difference in the unit where I work and that the difference I make reaches more people than just my inner circle,” she explains. What does Women’s Month mean to her? “For me it celebrates us – showing the world that we are here, we are strong and we can do what needs to be done.” For her the future lies with the young: “I would like to see how we enable our youth to be the leaders of our country. To lead by example.”

Heléne Botha

Heléne Botha is sports manager for netball, tennis and water sports. “The interaction with students and the opportunities I get through sport are what I most enjoy about working at the NWU,” she says. She describes her most valuable contributions to the NWU as: “To be able to give student athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent and to guide them to achieve their potential”. For her, Women’s Month means the recognition of women in all walks of life and of their being. It forms the net that allows the society to be. When not at work she enjoys being in nature the most. What is her future vision for South Africa? “I envision a place where we have respect for one another, a place where we work together, and where others experience the true South Africa. A beautiful country with extraordinary people.”

Corene Middleton
Corene Middleton is a secretary at NWU Sport. She was born in Orkney, but moved to Potchefstroom in 2012. What she most enjoys about her position at the NWU is: “My interaction and the experience I take home every day of having learnt something new, and the interaction with the different sports managers, coaches and students, but overall, the NWU environment is a very special place to be every day. It is a privilege. I am able to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues on a daily basis and I am still learning every day.” What does she like to do the most when not at the office? “Sounds cheesy, but spending quality time with my kids and husband is a big treat!” Her vision for a future South Africa is one strong word: “Hope!”.