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MC07074: Administrative Officer - Academic Services (MC) 5.9.2014
MC02543: Vice Rector - Research and Planning (MC) 29.8.2014
PC06828: Secretary - Arts (PC) 29.8.2014
PC01848: Senior Laboratory Analyst - RIIP/CENQAM (PC) 5.9.2014
PC00637: Senior lecturer/Associate professor/ Professor - Faculty of Law (PC) 10.9.2014
NWU newspaper advert 5.9.2014
PC10793: Admin Assistent/Secretary - Education Sciences (PC) 1.9.2014
MC07221: Programme Assistant - Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership (MC) 2.9.2014
PC10754: Admin Assistant - Short-Learning Programmes (PC) 1.9.2014
VC09122: Librarian - Library (VTC) 3.9.2014
PC10796: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Police Practice (PC) 15.9.2014

NWU - Vacancy application form

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Mafikeng Campus
Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technolgy
School of Environmental and Health Sciences
Department of Geography and Environmental Science
MC01173: Senior Lecturer

School of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Animal Science
MC00519: Senior Technician

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
School of Human Sciences

Department: Theology

MC07187: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor

Faculty of Law
Community Law Centre

MC06985: Lecturer

Ptchefstroom Campus
Faculty of Arts
School of Languages
PC08221: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer: Afrikaans and Dutch

Faculty of Theology
School of Ancient Language and Text Studies
PC10793: Lecturer: Latin

Faculty of Education Sciences
School of Education Sciences
PC09850: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer: Scholarship of Teaching-Learning in Tertiary Education

Unit for Open Distance Learning
PC10792: Manager - Public Relations

Faculty of Health Sciences
Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research
PC10776: Senior Lecturer - Gerontology

Hypertention in Africa Research Team (HART)
PC10771: Clinical Technologist - Cardiology

Vaal Triangle Campus
Faculty of Humanities
School of Basic Sciences
VC09120: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Public Management & Administration
VC06478: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - History

Vaal Triangle Campus Administrative Departments

Office of the Vice-Rector
Academic Development and Support
VC09280: Academic Advisor