Parking, NWU



Parking at the University is free and designated parking areas have been set aside for the use of students and visitors. Parking is available for motor cars, motorcycles and bicycles and is clearly marked as such. To locate the parking areas on each campus, please refer to the maps of the Mafikeng, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle campuses.

Please note that the NWU encourages students who live at campus residences not to use their cars when attending classes. Students and visitors are also kindly requested not to use parking demarcated for NWU staff.

When parking or driving at the NWU, please remember to:
•  observe the speed limits and traffic signage;
•  park only in designated areas – not in restricted areas, service roads, driveways, building entrances or grassed areas; and
•  display the appropriate permit, if applicable.

The University reserves the right to fine anyone who disregards these guidelines.
When visiting the Vaal Triangle Campus, remember that it is situated within a proclaimed wildlife reserve: drive slowly and protect our wildlife.
Domestic pets are not allowed.