Request for the provision of details by external service providers for use in identified areas

The North-West University (NWU) occasionally need to make use of external service providers in different areas relating to marketing communications.


Opportunity Description:

The NWU’s Corporate Relations and Marketing (CRM) division has embarked upon a process to build a database of external service providers that can render a variety of services (as indicated in the web form below) on our three campuses in Mahikeng, Potchefstroom, and Vanderbijlpark.

The NWU supports local economic development, including the use of locally owned companies. The NWU also supports the use or procurement of services from companies and individuals who are located around our campuses.

This call/request is not aimed at a specific project or service. The aim is to build a database of available companies that can provide these services for the NWU, sometimes at short notice. Qualifying external service providers will be contacted if and when the need arises. This may be in the form of a request for a proposal/quotation.


Criteria for inclusion in the NWU CRM database:

All submissions from individuals and companies will be reviewed based on the full information/detailed profile provided, including:

  • professional qualifications

  • proven ability to complete projects (experience)

  • creative merit, as evidenced by the submitted materials

  • demonstrated ability to work with the necessary stakeholders in the delivery of the required service at any time as required by the university (quite often on short notice)

  • location; and

  • B-BBEE status



Submissions can be submitted at any time for inclusion in the NWU CRM database, to be considered for future projects.



  • South African registered companies

  • South African citizens with a valid ID document


Conditions for quotations:

  • A certified copy of the applicant’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard in terms of the codes of good practice and issued by a SANAS accredited rating agency must be included in the quotation.  In the case of micro enterprises, an audit certificate or affidavit confirming the status as micro enterprise must be provided

  • Prices must include VAT if the service provider is VAT registered. VAT registration numbers or company registration numbers should be included, if applicable. This also includes a tax clearance pin

  • Payment of all costs shall be made within 30 days of delivery

  • Quotations must be valid for a period of 60 days from the date on which they are submitted and may be accepted at any time during that period

  • If the NWU accepts the quotation, it will be signed by an authorised official and returned to the service provider. This will be regarded as a binding agreement between the NWU and the service provider, with or without amendments

  • If, and when the NWU requires it, the service provider shall enter into a formal services agreement and contract of surety ship, which the NWU shall draw up. This service agreement shall be signed by the NWU and the service provider, and, if necessary, shall be signed by sureties within seven days from the date on which the documents are finalised and ready for signing

  • The lowest quotation may not necessarily be accepted

  • The NWU reserves the right to accept a quotation in full or in part, or none of the quotation received

  • The NWU may increase the service provider’s quantity or specifications as dictated by the creative process and the university’s needs The NWU is not under any obligation to submit reasons for acceptance or non-acceptance of a quotation

  • The NWU reserves the right to request audited financial statements from service providers to verify the financial stability of such service provider before entering into an agreement

  • If any employee(s) of the NWU has/have any vested interest in the business of the service provider, it should be declared and motivated

  • No quotation shall be considered unless it contains all necessary, relevant, and comprehensive information, which is required to ascertain if the specifications of the required service will be met. Quotations that do not meet this requirement may be regarded by the NWU as being non-compliant with specifications and will therefore not be considered

  • The NWU does not accept any responsibility for the detection of incorrect calculations made by the service provider, and reserves the right to disqualify a quotation if calculation errors are detected

  • The quotation and final agreement with the service provider will be subject to the NWU’s General Terms and Conditions pertaining to the subject matter of the specific quotation

  • Service providers must supply links/information/examples to similar projects completed

  • The service provider undertakes to ensure that all data and information (including but not limited to any technical, commercial, scientific information, processes, designs, technical specifications, copyright, and data in any form) in connection with or arising from this quotation document, shall be kept confidential and agree not to disclose it to third parties. Service providers may not make use of such information other than for the performance of its obligations under this quotation document, and to release such information to its employees on a “need-to-know” basis only, provided that such employees undertake to be bound by the confidentiality contained herein

  • The NWU may disqualify the service provider immediately or cancel the contract, after considering all the circumstances and without prejudice to any other legal remedy to his/her disposal in respect of any loss and/or damage suffered, and any additional costs or expenses incurred in that the NWU had to invite new offers or accept a less favourable offer, or whatever, if it is found that the service provider:

    • has offered, promised or given anyone who were involved with the inviting of offers or the allocation of a contract, any remuneration, fees, bonus, discount, or other inducement in connection with the acquisition or execution of a contract

    • is not executing a contract in a satisfactory manner

    • is not adhering to the provisions of the general conditions or of any other special conditions of contract that may apply

    • is acting in a fraudulent or improper manner or in bad faith toward the NWU

    • has not declared any conflicting interests or any other involvement by the service provider or its affiliates that has business interests with the NWU (or family members that are involved with the NWU).

The NWU commits to treat information from the suppliers in compliance with the POPI Act.


For Further Information:

All questions regarding this process are to be directed to:

Jennekin de Beer at 018 299 4932 or

Please include service provider’s name and contact information in all correspondence.


How to apply to be included in the NWU CRM database:

Submissions for consideration must be completed on the following web form.


Web form - External service providers
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Physical address of service provider.