Fraud Awareness

fraud awareness

Fraud is the deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful financial gain. From invoice manipulation to student-related scams, fraud can strike anywhere. But together, we can protect our NWU community. Join us in the fight to defend the trust that binds us together.

Please beware of the following:

  • NWU does not use third-party agents to assist prospective students with their admission and registration process. The application and registration processes are online, and if you struggle, we have helpful videos that guide you through the process step by step.
  • Be wary of individuals who offer to assist prospective students to be placed in a residence for a fee.
  • Only the Admissions Office can assist students with their application acceptance or registration.
  • Use the official NWU bank accounts and always follow up if you receive invoices from an unfamiliar account.

Examples of fraud at NWU

Invoice manipulation

Beware of altered invoices and payment requests. Fraudsters may try to divert funds to unauthorised accounts. Always verify the authenticity of payment requests.

Student-related scams

Fraud targeting students is on the rise. Be cautious of offers that sound too good to be true, and never share sensitive information with unknown sources.


Preventing fraud: your shield of defence

Stay informed

Knowledge is your best defence. Educate yourself about common fraud tactics and keep up to date with the latest scams.

Verify requests

Check any unusual requests for payments, account changes, or personal information. Contact official NWU channels to confirm legitimacy.

Guard personal data

Protect your identity and sensitive information. Never share passwords, financial details, or personal documents with anyone.


Reporting fraud