Webinar: Vishen Pillay (Adams & Adams) - Protecting Software Implemented Inventions

Online: MS Teams

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Computer software implemented inventions, particularly inventions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are rapidly changing the world we live in.
This webinar provides an introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) in computer software implemented inventions with specific focus on the patentability of AI and Blockchain related inventions together with practical advice, case studies, and IP protection strategies to consider for such inventions.
In particular the webinar will cover:
  • The extent to which different forms of IP apply to computer software innovations (i.e. trade marks, copyright, trade secrets, patents, and registered designs);
  • What IP protection means in practical terms for the different forms of IP applicable to computer sofware;
  • Patentability of computer software, especially AI and Blockchain related inventions, teachings from the US and Europe and the current position in South Africa;
  • Patent case studies on the patentability of computer software;
  • IP Protection strategies for computer software.

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