Fundraising and donations

Fundraising and donations

The North-West University wants to make a big and lasting impact on international and national level, and especially in the communities around our campuses.  For this we need increasing financial support from interest groups like alumni, friends, the business sector and trusts and foundations.

We want to make it as easy as possible for donors to donate money to the NWU.  As an interim measure we have established the following simplified processes:

  1. There is one central fundraising team with representation in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
  2. We arrange our projects under the following umbrella funds:
    • Vice-Chancellor’s Fund:
      • All large infrastructure or other strategic projects as established by the vice-chancellor, and that need fundraising that stretches over more than one year
    • The “We Care” Fund:
      • All initiatives in support and upliftment of needy students and communities
    • The Innovation Fund:
      • Projects and spin-off companies that commercialise the university’s patents and other commercial knowledge
    • Other projects
      • Specific projects that do not fall in the above-mentioned categories, including Flagship and New Horizon projects
  3. Donors are encouraged to make allocated/designated donations in the above-mentioned categories, and the NWU offers to allocate unallocated donations (i.e. donations for discretionary employment) itself.
  4. Allocations are handled by the university’s management according to the recommendation of the budget committee of the NWU.  Those donations will therefore be employed where the biggest need is at that time.
  5. Designated donations are employed according to the donor’s preference.
  6. We will issue Section 18 A tax certificates for donations that qualify. Donations that do not qualify for certificates include sponsorships that are given in return for brand exposure, and bursaries where the donor chooses/appoints the beneficiaries themselves. In such cases we would gladly provide written acknowledgement and a receipt for the donation.  To find out more about the qualifying requirements, please contact
  7. We gladly accept unconditional donations.  If sponsors want to link conditions to their donations, they must check the acceptability thereof with  
  8. From time to time we set a minimum donation limit per transaction, taking into account the bank charges and administrative inputs with the processing and reporting of donations.   We appreciate your understanding. The online donation button (ADD LINK) has a built-in minimum that is adjusted from time to time.
  9. We also provide certificates on demand that you can use for BBSEE in support of:
    • Skills development (bursaries for needy black students)
    • Business development (innovation donations for businesses of black students)
    • Social development (donations to qualifying community projects of the university)
  10. Please contact one of our fundraisers for further information.
  11. Donate with peace of mind and make a difference.


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