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Every graduate and diplomate of the NWU or its predecessors has the right to belong to the Convocation. Permanent staff members also qualify to join the Convocation. Please remember, though, that membership of the Convocation does not happen automatically. You have to complete a membership application form and pay a once-off nominal fee of R50, as indicated on the application form.


One of the biggest benefits of being a member of the Convocation is that it gives you the opportunity to represent alumni interests on the NWU Council.


Four members of the Convocation serve on the Council, which is the highest decision-making and governing body of the university. As a Convocation member, you can either be nominated as one of these representatives, or vote for them.


If you want to become part of the game instead of being a spectator, join the Convocation by clicking here, or contact


Make your voice heard

If you’re one of those people who prefer to run with the ball rather than shout from the sidelines, the Convocation is the right place for you.

“We would like to encourage more alumni to join the Convocation,” says Nicolize van der Walt, the section head of the Alumni Office. “It’s important for alumni to have a voice in the university’s affairs and future. The Convocation is an ideal platform where everyone can give input and assist to grow the NWU.”


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