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According to Prof Leenta Grobler, project leader and specialist in health-related engineering innovations, more than 200 schools across the country are now using TjopTjop.


The smart phone application not only helps schools to speed up the health-screening process, eliminating congestion problems on a daily basis, it also helps them with data-capturing and providing data to government.


“The last few weeks since launching TjopTjop have been very exciting,” says Leenta. “We have learned a lot and are thankful that we have this opportunity to make a difference in this time of uncertainty.”


Leenta says the effectiveness of TjopTjop in schools has also led to the launch of TjopTjop for Business. “The app gives two options for identification – a pass or a manual data entry for anyone who enters a business premises.” Watch the video on the left to see Leenta explaining how TjopTjop for Business works.


Learner screening in a flash


Benje Owencamp, vice-principal of Laerskool Mooirivier in Potchefstroom, one of the pilot schools where the screening app was first used, says TjopTjop is a necessity for schools.


“It is easy to use and provides instant important information. It also alerts on any high-risk children and we are able to view data on a specific child’s screening from the day we started if we need to do monitoring. There is also no need to carry a book around, everything is already on the computer.”


He says TjopTjop is popular not only with the teachers who use it, but also with children and their parents. “The children love wearing the lanyard cards with their QR codes printed on,” he says.


Easy and effective


Anita de Beer, marketing official at Laerskool Kruinpark in Secunda, echoes Benje’s positive sentiments. “It is so easy and effective to use. Even older teachers in their 60s who are not as comfortable with technology do not have any difficulties.


“The recently updated dashboard is a pleasure and straightforward to use. Judging by the ease and speed it takes to do screenings, TjopTjop is definitely the correct name for it.”


Leenta says she is very proud of her team and the hard work they put into the screening kit and application. “We hope it is going to be the first of many more innovations that the team will have a hand in creating.”


Click here to read more about TjopTjop.


Schools love TjopTjop – and now businesses can share the love

TjopTjop, the award-winning health-screening kit and brainchild of the NWU’s Faculty of Engineering, continues to make health screenings easier for teachers, school children and their parents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Laerskool President in Klerksdorp is one of the schools where TjopTjop is being used. Here a staff member illustrates how easy it is to scan a learner’s QR code and to do health screenings.

Prof Leenta Grobler from the Faculty of Engineering is a specialist in health-related engineering innovations.

The effectiveness of TjopTjop in schools has led to the launch of TjopTjop for Business. In the video above, Prof Leenta Grobler explains how it works.





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