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Dear fellow alumni,


It is evident that the world has changed tremendously. 2020 has greeted us with a pandemic that has inescapably affected the globe. Millions of individuals have been affected, either directly or indirectly. Economies have crashed and the “new normal” is a phenomenon that we have yet to surmount.


In our own family we have had to say goodbye to my mother, Sarieta Oosthuizen, who passed away on 5 July 2020. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer on 29 March 2020.


The Covid-19 regulations made it impossible for family members to visit her for the first few days after she was admitted to hospital. I live in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape and could not travel to Pretoria to visit her until just five days before her passing. Thank God we had the opportunity to spend a few happy days together.


Any disappointment or moment of grief in our lives has the potential to derail and stagnate us. Yet it is up to us to decide on how to react in any given situation.


A proud NWU student


I have been a proud student at the NWU since 2014 and have loved every moment of studying. I am currently completing my master’s degree in theology and, more than ever, have had to motivate myself to stay on track.


My supervisors have been a great inspiration to me during this difficult time and as an avid member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, I have immersed myself in this society's enlivening webinars.


The NWU has always been such a fantastic ray of hope in the lives of its students. Every representative of the NWU that I have ever had contact with has been professional, kind and caring. I treasure every moment of being a part of the transformational blessing that the NWU brings to the world.


A message of hope


The last few months have taught me that change is inevitable. The world is a broken system, engulfed in despair and irregularity. However, amidst all the tears, questions and frustrations, there is a good God.


Many people are facing tremendous challenges at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is my intent with this letter to speak hope into their tired and weary hearts. God’s love transcends all boundaries of our human understanding.


Dear fellow-alumni, I encourage you to keep pressing on; do not lose hope and trust God’s plan for your life. Never forget to remind yourself every day that He is in control.


#Nevergiveup. We are praying for you.



Kind regards,


Pastor Juanita Kapp,


There is hope


Pastor Juanita Kapp has been a student at the NWU since 2014 and is currently completing a master’s degree in theology. She is married to Wynand, who is also a pastor.

Juanita with her son, Joshua, and her daughter, Cayla.

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