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News from Eagi


Eagi, our NWU mascot, is on top of everything that happens at the NWU and is eager to share it all with you. So, without further ado, let’s go to our newsroom, where Eagi will give you a bird's eye view of the NWU.

NWU stalwart Prof Lynette Drevin talks about Experian data breach

“Everybody should be cautious when they get unsolicited emails or telephone calls. Do not give out any sensitive information and be cautious of what are called ‘social engineering’ attacks,” says Prof Lynette Drevin, associate professor and subject chair at the School of Computer Science and Information Systems at the NWU.


“People who have certain soft skills and try to pose as a person with authority, persuading the individual being contacted to divulge personal information, can be seen as social engineers. This can lead to identity theft using your personal and sensitive information to the attacker’s advantage.”


Lynette specialises in information security awareness and research on information systems failures.


NWU boasts two of Mail & Guardian’s most outstanding young South Africans

An academic and an alumna of the NWU have been named as two of the 2020 Mail & Guardian 200 Most Outstanding Young South Africans, announced on 11 September 2020.


They are senior lecturer and researcher in physiology Dr Lebo Gafane-Matemane and advocate Thabang Pooe, an alumna. Lebo was announced as one of the winners in the Science and Technology category, and Thabang in the Justice and Law category.



Our mascot, Eagi, represents the brand attributes of a unitary NWU.


The eagle has a positive meaning across many cultures. It represents much-admired traits that perfectly match the NWU’s strategy and objectives. These include success, aspiration, courage, expansion, renewed life, leadership and freedom.


Eagi symbolises our commitment to approaching life creatively and soaring above the rest. He reflects our talent for finding new opportunities to excel and continuously improve.



Lee-Anne Diab - Improving athletes’ recovery through science

NWU alumna Lee-Anne Diab is the first female sports scientist in rugby at The Blue Bulls Company, and one of the first women consulting for national and international sporting codes.


She is also the chief executive officer and sports scientist at Fierce Pro Recovery Centre, which uses the latest scientific recovery modalities for injury prevention to enhance athletes’ performances during the season and on game days.


South African economy in ICU: How do we get out of it?

The South African economy is in dire need of resuscitation. A development economist from the NWU says Covid-19 has devastated local and global economies in a way not seen since World War II.


According to Prof Danie Meyer, director of the TRADE research focus area at the NWU, all continents and regions of the world have been severely negatively affected. He says the road to recovery is expected to be long.


Celebrating indigenous languages during Heritage Month

As South Africans celebrate Heritage Month, Dr Motheo Koitsiwe, academic and acting director for the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Systems, says there is a need for the country to celebrate its own indigenous languages.


“It is important to restore African indigenous languages, especially since language plays a vital role in promoting unity, social cohesion and Ubuntu.”


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