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The title of the NWU’s 2019 integrated report, “Value creation with an ethic of care”, is about how we use an ethic of care as a compass while creating value for ourselves as an institution and for all our stakeholders.


In itself, value creation does not set us apart. It is how we create this value, namely with an ethic of care that stands out. In the report, we explain how we do this.


Approved by Council on 28 July 2020 and submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training at the end of July, this report’s front page image also exemplifies our theme. The image of the NeuHand, a hand rehabilitation system developed by the Faculty of Engineering, shows how we use our expertise to create value for people, because we care.


We create value with an ethic of care

This video presents some of the facts and figures that make up our story of value-creation with an ethic of care, as portrayed in the 2019 Integrated Report.

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