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"Our 2020 initiatives include seeking partnerships for fundraising and collaboration with key stakeholder groups in the public and private sector, so as to develop a sustainable financial base for the future.


We will also consolidate and properly focus our globalisation efforts, which will encompass how we partner with international universities and entities to continue to deliver value for our stakeholders."


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the vice-chancellor

Warm greetings from the NWU!


After their meeting on Monday 16 March 2020, the university management has decided that the NWU will be on recess from 17 March to 29 March 2020.  They took this decision as a precaution against the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. To stay informed about any developments around the NWU’s response to the virus, click here.


We remain committed, however, to putting all possible measures in place to ensure we are able to continue to further implement our strategy in 2020.


The focus this year will encompass all our regular core business activities as well as some special initiatives that are of great strategic significance.


We will develop a digital strategy for the NWU which we foresee will be a co-determinant of our overall university strategy.


This represents a response to the many opportunities and risks associated with embracing the fourth industrial revolution, which is likely to have profound effects on our business model and the way we deliver our core services.


During this year we will also focus on the alignment of staff and student leadership development to govern, lead and manage in a transformed way. This will include breaking down artificial silos, fostering collaboration across departments and units, promoting accountability for important strategic outcomes and empowering all with the skills and knowledge to lead.


Part of our effort will be devoted to completing our staff and student culture initiative which we started last year. Our culture change team, after consultation with staff and students, will formulate the NWU Way – our “to be” culture which will strive to ensure that everyone feels at home at the NWU and experiences the ethic of care.


The Social and Ethics Committee of Council has mandated us to conduct a comprehensive Ethics Risk Assessment in 2020 to improve long-term sustainability and ensure that we deliver value from a solid ethical base.


We will continue our focus on stakeholder service to make good the promise of the ethic of care and provide excellent service to our many stakeholder groups, including you – our most valued alumni.







Prof Dan Kgwadi





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