Many adventures on a beautiful campus


When Hein speaks about his time as a student, he eyes gleam with excitement.


“My days as a student were amazing and I cherish a whole caboodle of fun memories.


“If I had to describe it all in one word it would be ‘adventurous’,” exclaims Hein, recalling water balloon fun during spring day celebrations, playing his guitar next to the river, eating Oewerspens’ skambani and fending off the vervet monkeys and the geese.


He is especially thankful for the lifelong friendships he made.


One of his favourite subjects was positive psychology and to this day he uses the principles learnt to help people thrive and find meaning in life.


As a member of the day residence Oryx, Hein admits that he enjoyed the campus parties and tried to balance the serious academic pressures by having fun.


His academic credentials are proof of his success in achieving this balance: he completed his first degree with distinction and was invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society.


He went on to complete a BA in humanities in 2010, a BA honours in psychology in 2011 and a BA honours in industrial psychology in 2014.


Coffee and people: what better blend?

Napoleon called it “an intellectual drink”, La Roque praised its aroma as “the King of Perfumes” and Voltaire is said to have drunk between 50 and 72 cups a day.

To this day, coffee continues to feature prominently in many people’s lives – look no further than Hein Pretorius. This coffee aficionado from Vanderbijlpark is of the opinion that one should never underestimate the importance of being “properly caffeinated”!


So brew a fresh pot and read more about Hein’s coffee and professional journey.


A passion for coffee and people


Hein, an alumnus of the campus in Vanderbijlpark, believes in living life to the fullest, and has an unquenchable love of coffee and passion for people.

He is a self-employed psychometrist and organisational development consultant and an avid “coffeepreneur” who runs a quirky coffee shop, The Caffeinated Llama.


“The coffee shop is a fun environment where I try to break away from the monotony of working in a nine-to-five job,” says Hein.


The Caffeinated Llama also boasts a “nomadic side”, as he frequently caters for special events such as weddings, music festivals and markets.Hein further explains that The Caffeinated Llama focuses on creating a coffee experience. By supporting local artisan bakers, artists, musicians and coffee roasters his mission is to become a lifestyle brand.


As for his eight-year-long consulting career, his specialist focus is on psychometric and career assessments and organisational functioning. Although he deals with various companies and industries, his favourite is the restaurant industry.


Building a coffee culture one cup at a time


Hein has always liked coffee and somehow knew he was destined to dabble in it.


“When I was 10 years old, I started my first coffee shop in our lapa at home. I made a wooden sign and put it up, but needless to say I did not enjoy a large clientele and only sold two cups to my parents before closing down,” remembers Hein.


His goal is to help create a relaxed coffee culture by opening a few more coffee shops across the country.




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Fast facts about Hein


  • Favourite brew of coffee: The Caffeinated Llama’s house brew is a favourite (Guatemalan and Brazilian mixed with a little bit of Robusta), Pastaso from Crater Coffees in Parys and any Ethiopian yirgacheffe bean brew.


  • Other passions except coffee? “I play guitar and squash and took up hiking two years ago.”


  • Philosophy to live by: “Things will work out the way that they are meant to.”


  • Bucket list items: Travel to Portugal, paddleboard in Tahiti and hike the Tankwa Camino in the Karoo.


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