Prof Dan Kgwadi

Message from

the vice-chancellor

Greetings to all our alumni


We have reached the end of the year and it is an opportune time to reflect on our NWU journey.


This year, we have been concentrating on consolidating our structural changes to ensure that we implement our strategy to transform and to position the NWU as a unitary institution of superior academic excellence, with a commitment to social justice.


We have also paid attention to our culture change project to ensure that we have a diverse and inclusive environment for all our staff and students.


We have a new Language Policy and this year we have set in place faculty language plans which we will now implement.


The revision of our language policy was also an important strategic initiative to ensure that we promote an inclusive environment in the classroom and beyond. As functional multilingualism is a cardinal feature of this policy, our approach is functional and pragmatic.


In the next few years, we will seek to diversify our sources of funding to ensure that we maintain our financial sustainability.


We will also focus on our digital transformation and ensure that we take account of and respond to the disruptive challenges created by the fourth industrial revolution. The effect of this unfolding revolution on our business will be significant and we need to seek advantage in differentiating the NWU as a leader.


Please join us in our journey to become an internationally recognised university in Africa, distinguished for engaged scholarship, social responsiveness and an ethic of care.


I wish all of you well over the summer vacation and encourage you to engage with us to enrich our future engagement.






Prof Dan Kgwadi





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