Present at the 1969 Student Representative Council reunion are from left Roelie Aucamp, Callie Coetzee and Susan Coetzee.



Talking about years gone by are in front Bea Botha, and at the back from left Hennie Botha, Kobus van der Walt, George Muldner and Kobus du Plessis.


Those were the days

On Saturday, 14 September, nostalgia was in the air when the members of the 1969 Student Representative Council (SRC) gathered at the Astrovilla Lapa in Potchefstroom to celebrate their history.

Alumni at the 1969 SRC reunion are at the back from left Johan Schutte, Kobus du Plessis, Bea Botha, George Muldner, Kobus van der Walt and Roelie Aucamp. In front are Carené Lubbe, Tom Larney, Callie Coetzee and Theuns Eloff.




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The 17 guests shared their memories and experiences from their time at the university. They sang songs from years gone by, expressed their gratitude for the past decades and celebrated old friendships.


Kobus van der Walt, SRC member from 1969, acted as master of ceremonies. Nicolize van der Walt, section head of the Alumni Office, addressed the guests, stressing the importance of the legacy that the SRC of 1969 had left.


Callie Coetzee, 1969 SRC chairperson, and Tom Larney, the vice-chairperson of that year, also reminisced about their term and the memories they made. After all, memories are some of our most important building blocks for the present and the future.

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