Alumni Precious Mncayi, Dr Zandri Dickason (currently an NWU staff member) and Phindy Mdluli are some of the guests attending the Robin Banks workshop.

Ready  to learn more about mind power and the value of taking action are alumni Prof Diana Viljoen-Bezuidenhout (also an NWU staff member) and Abigail van Wyk.

Success is a choice you make every day

The Robin Banks philosophy is simple: tame and train your thoughts, as they can help to manifest the life of your dreams or draw you closer to your greatest fears.

Motivational speaker Robin Banks said this during his recent “Success is a Choice” workshop hosted by the NWU’s bhive Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) and the Alumni Office.


Robin shared his passion for personal empowerment with NWU alumni and other attendees, emphasising that most people do not realise the inherent power of their thoughts.


He believes that raising the quality of your thoughts may open the way for success to follow since it manifests what we envisage.There are several mind power training techniques that focus on the subconscious as a powerful part of the human mind. Robin’s view is that by learning how to unlock this part of your brain, you can improve your mind’s ability to solve problems and gain control over distracting thoughts.


He said these techniques can assist in tapping into this “unexplored” part of the brain: visualisation, meditation, stepping out of your comfort zone and sleeping (lucid dreaming).


Zanele Ngobese, alumni coordinator in the Alumni Office, agrees that it is important for individuals to be aware of their decision-making processes. “Too often we operate on automatic, doing things by habit rather than by making conscious decisions,” she says.


Every journey starts with an action


According to motivational speaker Robin Banks, the single most important step to take when considering a change – be it in terms of one’s private life, business or career – is to take action.


“Action is a doing word and therefore it supersedes the time you spend contemplating change from the comfort of your armchair,” says Robin, adding that action fuels thought.


According to Annelie Steenkamp, a representative of the bhive EDC, the aim of the event was to motivate and encourage the community to embrace new opportunities for success and by doing so set in motion a movement of proactivity – especially with regard to entrepreneurship.


The bhive EDC represents a dynamic hub of entrepreneurial activity within the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.





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Robin Banks is a leading authority on the subject of mind power and personal mastery.



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