Interrupting Prof Daryl Balia, the deputy vice-chancellor for campus operations in Potchefstroom during the final-year event, is spotlight snatcher Eagi, the NWU’s mascot.

Clement Manoko, the executive director for corporate relations and marketing, was one of the speakers at the final-year event in Vanderbijlpark.


Life after university


At the final-year events, staff members from the Career Centre also gave the students valuable tips on what life after university is like, while staff from the Alumni Office urged them to stay in contact with the university.


“There are so many opportunities to participate in events on and off campus, and I hope that you will embrace your new status as young alumni members,” said Zanele Ngobeze, the alumni relations practitioner on the campus in Vanderbijlpark.


During the event in Mahikeng, dynamic entrepreneur and 2019 Alumni Award winner Maggy-Emilia Maliti-Ntshwe (fondly known as Mickey) motivated students to live their lives to the fullest.


Continuing where they left off

When we take our leave of our students at the end of their final year, the message is clear: this is just another beginning, not the end.

We assure them that we want to hear from them again; that we want them to visit our campuses and plough back what they have learned.


This lifelong relationship with our young alumni starts at the events we organise for them before they leave our campuses to start their careers.

This year, the events took place on 17 October in Potchefstroom, 28 October in Vanderbijlpark and 23 November in Mahikeng.


Gathering together


Always claiming his spot in the limelight, the NWU’s mischievous mascot, Eagi, entertained the 365 final years who attended the function at the vice-chancellor’s residence in Potchefstroom.


He was also there when the students in Vanderbijlpark enjoyed a picnic on the banks of the Vaal River, and when the Mahikeng students gathered in the Big Hall for their final-year event. In fact, on the campus in Mahikeng, Eagi joined in the fun and gave it a whirl when the final years strutted their stuff during a fun dance competition.


Soon our final-year students will join the bigger alumni family, meeting those who left their footprints on the campuses in previous years. Welcome, young alumni!




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Clearing the last hurdle


At these events, speakers such as vice-chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi, deputy vice-chancellors for campus operations Prof Daryl Balia, Prof Linda du Plessis and Prof Marilyn Setlalentoa encouraged the students to study diligently for their last exams.


They also thanked the students for the role they have played in the success story of the NWU.


“It is through your achievements that we, as the NWU, can distinguish ourselves as an enabler of excellence,” Linda said to the students in Vanderbijlpark.




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