NWU is part of three generations


Helei Jooste’s family has three generations who have left their footprints on NWU soil.


Helei and her husband Petri, their eldest daughter, Petri’s parents and Helei’s mother are all NWU alumni.


Helei received a BCom degree in 1992 in Potchefstroom, followed by a BComHons in 2000 and an MCom in 2017, both in Vanderbijlpark.


Petri graduated with a BA degree (languages) in 1991 in Potchefstroom, followed by an honours and a master’s degree in computer science in 1992 and 1996, respectively, in Vanderbijlpark.


Petri’s parents, Prof Theo de Wet Jooste and Dr Ena Jooste, are both alumni who studied in Potchefstroom and also lectured there. Helei’s mother, Daleen van der Walt, studied at the former Potchefstroom Teachers' Training College.


It was the year 1989 …

Helei Jooste, husband Petri and their daughter Dané. Helei is the personal assistant to Prof Herman van der Merwe, the deputy dean for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.


Petri is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Information Systems, and their eldest daughter, Dané, was recently awarded a BSc degree with physiology and psychology as majors.


She is currently enrolled for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Dear all,


As the season changes and the grim winter weather is replaced by warmer days and picture-perfect blossoms, I catch myself longing for my “season” as a student at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, now the North-West University.


It was the year 1989, and I was a proud member of the Klawerhof family. Everything about that time was special and enjoyable – and I think back with satisfaction and gratitude to all the goosebump experiences I shared.


It was in the shade of the huge trees in Lovers’ Lane where I met my better half (a “cousin” from Amajuba) – and today Petri and I have been married for 27 years!


We are the proud parents of an NWU graduate – we were privileged to see her mount the stage in her black gown a month or two ago. My maternal heart nearly burst with pride!


If you take into account that the university has been part of our family for three generations already, it is clear why this institution has so much value for us.


Our knowledge was honed here, we mastered our skills here, and we were given the freedom to dream about the future with sparkling eyes. And yes, I am a dreamer, because I know from personal experience that dreams do come true. What do I dream about? I dream about the day that Petri and I can welcome our twin daughters, who have just started on their high school adventure, to the NWU family too.


And until this day dawns, I will fly the flag of my alma mater high, and continue to enjoy the happy memories and sense of potential that I experience through the eyes of my daughter.




Helei Jooste





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