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We value our students

Dear alumni


The NWU exists because of them, and all our activities revolve around them. They are our clients with whom we enter into a lifelong partnership. They are our students … and our future alumni.


The articles in this edition of the NWU & U reveal a lot about being a student in general, and an NWU student in particular.


The article about Jacob Seboko, who enrolled as a first-year student at the age of 79, shows us that you are never too old to learn.


The article “Academics earn well-deserved external recognition” tells the story of dedication and academic excellence. These award-winning academics, Prof Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Prof Susan Visser, Dr Aurelia Williams and Dr Musawenkosi Saurombe, have received high-level public recognition for their hard work. This makes them stellar role models for the students with whom they share their expertise.


At the NWU, it is not only the intellect that is involved in the sharing of knowledge and resources. Hearts, beating passionately for people and communities, also play a role. This is evident when reading the article about how the staff members of the alumni offices on our campuses opened their hearts and reached out to make life easier for school learners.


Through the more than 250 community engagement activities at the NWU, we give our students the opportunity for work-integrated and service learning, but also show them how to become responsible citizens, striving for social justice.


We trust that once our students leave the NWU, they will plough back the knowledge they gained in our classrooms to build a better South Africa and a better world for all – just as you, our alumni, are doing every day.



Happy reading!


Nelia and the

NWU & U team




The NWU & U


Please send us your comments, suggestions and any other contributions you would like to make, for instance photographs or news snippets.


We value your opinions and input – after all, the NWU & U belongs to us all.




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