Prof Dan Kgwadi

Message from

the vice-chancellor

Dear alumnus,


Council has approved the change of our primary corporate colour to symbolise the unitary nature of the North-West University. Opinions are divided on this matter, I know. I would encourage all alumni to recognise that the association of the old colours with a particular campus was too divisive to maintain and contradicted our vision for the future.


Remember our rich past with its many identities. We acknowledge our ever-evolving identities as part of our history. We cherish all of these as one would cherish a picture of an old friend.


Some of us remember with nostalgia the old UNIBO. Others studied at the old Vaal Triangle Campus of PU for CHE. And some may have great-grandfathers or grandmothers who attended the PU for CHE when it was still the Potchefstroom University College, from which the nickname PUK comes.


I received degrees from both the PU for CHE and UNIBO. I am therefore an alumnus of the NWU, the university that was created through the merger of the University of North West and the PU for CHE and the incorporation of Vista’s Sebokeng Campus. I am proud of where I studied and believe you are too.


But we had to move on to a common shared future. Support us on our continuing journey to build this future, while we acknowledge the past and its rich heritage.




Kind regards,


Prof Dan Kgwadi


The NWU & U


Please send us your comments, suggestions and any other contributions you would like to make, for instance photographs or news snippets.


We value your opinions and input – after all, the NWU & U belongs to us all.




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