Nicolize van der Walt completed a BA degree in public management and administration cum laude at the former Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education. In 2017, she returned to the NWU, graduating with distinction after completing a postgraduate diploma at the NWU Business School.


Nicolize, a communication expert, lives with husband Mark in Klerksdorp. They have two daughters, Ilzeanne (15) and Esmari (13), and a son, JP (22), who is currently an NWU student. Nicolize’s three brothers (two attorneys and a pharmacist) are also NWU alumni.


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WHOO-HOO – What a ride!

Dear fellow alumni


When life throws you opportunities, grab them and squeeze the living daylights out of them. Never let a moment pass you by to take a ride that makes you shout: Whoo-hoo!


Life threw me a wonderful opportunity to study at the NWU Business School in 2017. I casually enrolled for the postgraduate diploma course hoping to learn a bit more… Today, I stand corrected.


An unbelievable journey


Yes, I learned a lot. But the journey was unbelievable. Only one of the many perks was rubbing shoulders with top-notch economic specialists, political analysts and experts in the fields of law, management, marketing and research.


I had the best-of-the-best teaching me about a world far wider than I could ever have imagined. Personally, I have grown, not only in knowledge, but also in confidence and skills, and I feel more empowered than ever.


No unicorns along the way


It was definitely not “cupcakes and unicorns” all the way. It took hard work, perseverance and dedication. I think my biggest eye-opener was to realise – only after I had enrolled – that this is a full honours-level course.


I enrolled as a part-time student who attended classes on Saturdays – come rain or shine. And therefore, I knew – if I have to give up a weekend, I can at least give my best!


My success is mainly because of the excellent group I was a member of.My fellow students were all experts in their fields from whom I could draw energy and learn.


We suffered together, laughed a lot and felt like quitting a few times – but we kept each other upright. Most of all, we put our expertise, knowledge and passion together and the result was mind-blowing.


We made it!


Nearly our whole group graduated with distinction – a blessing and a huge honour. With the grace of God, excellent lecturers, exceptional fellow students and families who gave us wings to soar, we made it.


The coffee and muffins at the Saturday classes also played a huge role in keeping us awake – especially when we were sitting in class and we knew there was a big rugby match on television!



Kind regards

Nicolize van der Walt




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There is always room to grow


“My advice to anybody – regardless of your age, your career or level within the organisation – is that there is always room to grow. Widen your horizons, open your mind, fill your head with knowledge and empower yourself.


“Make the NWU Business School your partner in learning so that you can climb the ladder in your organisation and grow into the best version of yourself. Push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone.”



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