Besides regional events, alumni can also look forward to events for specific campus groups, such as interest, faculty or residence groups.


“Hosting combined events is in line with the university’s new strategy to position the NWU as a unitary institution,” says Warren Makgowe, director for stakeholder relations.

Expanding the alumni event bouquet

The NWU’s Stakeholder Relations department is adding to its existing bouquet of alumni activities.

On the one hand there is a new focus on regional events that all alumni attend, irrespective of which campus they originally studied on, and on the other hand, events specifically aimed at our distance learning students have been added to our bouquet of activities.

These distance learning alumni gathered in George. At the back from left are Kelly-Ann Hector, Ryan Petterson, Leanne Kruger, Hennie Kruger, Prof Joh van Tonder, Loekie van Tonder, Prof Fika Janse van Rensburg (vice-principal and deputy vice-chancellor for employment equity and Potchefstroom Campus operations) and Prof Willie van der Westhuizen. In front are Amina Nordien, Bronnlyn Jumat, Annabelle Faulman and Faldela Dollie.

So far this year, Stakeholder Relations has organised two regional events. The first one took place on 19 April for alumni living in Cape Town area, and the second one on 23 May for alumni in the vicinity of Johannesburg.


To date three events for distance learning alumni have been organised: on 22 March in Upington, on 5 April in Potchefstroom and on 26 April in George. Parallel to these new developments, the existing events for specific campus groups – such as interest, faculty or residence groups – will still continue.


Another change that is envisaged for the future has to do with faculty events. In accordance with the new unitary faculty model of eight cross-campus faculties, future faculty events will include all students from a specific faculty, regardless of the campus where the students studied.

“The NWU’s unitary faculty approach is still new and we continue to adapt our alumni activities as students graduate from this new faculty model,” says Warren.


With this ever-expanding bouquet of activities, it seems as if our alumni have a lot to look forward to.




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"When it comes to NWU alumni who studied via distance delivery mode, Warren emphasises that the university has always treasured all its alumni, whether they studied via contact or distance learning modes.


“The new development in this regard is that we are now organising events for our distance learning alumni in particular.”






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