Prof Dan Kgwadi

Message from

the vice-chancellor

Dear alumnus,


During the previous two years we spent much time and energy formulating a new strategy and structure for our university. For the future of our university, this was necessary and unavoidable.


As you probably know, our council approved a new strategy in 2015 and a new structure last year. Furthermore, the Minister of Higher Education and Training has approved our new Statute in February this year.


In short, we have put everything in place to move forward as a unitary university. We will soon proceed with the appointment of deputy vice-chancellors, three of whom will be located at campuses. (In Potchefstroom Prof Fika van Rensburg will lead the campus until the end of the year.)


We will also proceed with the appointment or placement of new executive deans, who will lead the eight mostly trans-campus faculties. In turn, we will appoint academic directors who will lead our schools over three campuses.


It is an exciting time for us as a university. While I realise that some of you are apprehensive, I wish to assure you that we are taking care to ensure the stability of our programmes.


Restructuring has not always been a pleasant exercise, but we must not drop the ball now. We have to forge ahead to full implementation. We are no longer a university that functions in silos.

"We are one university with a soon-to-be-implemented structure that reflects our unity."

Let’s remember that our objective is to be a financially sustainable university where excellent teaching, learning and research take place. We want to be a South African university in all respects, reflecting the best values embedded in our Constitution.


As such we have a specific purpose, which reads: “To excel in innovative learning and teaching and cutting-edge research, thereby benefiting society through knowledge.” This will remain our primary focus.


I urge you as a valued alumnus to continue supporting us in our ongoing effort to realise this purpose.



Kind regards,

Prof Dan Kgwadi


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