During the welcoming events on the NWU campuses, Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor, had a very specific message for the parents. “I want to assure you that the stability of our campuses is of paramount importance. We completed last year’s academic programme successfully and will do everything possible to repeat this feat.”

First-year students visited their residences and were introduced to academic and support staff to ensure a smooth transition from school to university.


NWU welcomes

a new generation

Excitement abounded, together with a hint of nervousness. There were smiles aplenty and questions galore. A sense of anticipation was in the air when students attended the first-year welcoming events with their parents at the Mafikeng, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle campuses of the NWU.

This year the NWU took in 9% more first years than the target. These students from across South Africa and neighbouring countries took the first step in what promises to be a fulfilling academic endeavour.


“Remember that I have a date with you – at your graduation ceremony in a few years’ time,” said Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor of the NWU when the Potchefstroom Campus welcomed thousands of students and parents on Saturday, 14 January.


The following day saw the Mafikeng Campus host their next generation of students, accompanied by their parents.


Prof Dan praised the parents for their commitment to ensuring a prosperous future for all.“As a community, sending a child to an institution of higher learning is a measure of hope for what the child may in turn do for their community.”


Then, on 4 February, the Vaal Triangle Campus welcomed their first-year students. “I take great pride in knowing that when you complete your studies you will be fully equipped to go out into the world to make a tangible difference in your respective communities,” Prof Dan said.


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A new generation is about to embark on a remarkable journey and their future looks bright indeed.



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